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My name is John M. DeCillo.
I have been called "The Ogre" and  "Grumpy"
and a lot of other nice things when out of earshot
for most of my adult life.
 Not undeservedly, I have to add!
I was an Ogre and even Uncle Ogre way before the game came out and it became "The thing to be."
My age ( about 26,459 ) has mellowed me a bit, but there are still a few things that make me Bellow and Roar.
 You may stumble upon some as you traverse my domain.

Actually, I'm lookin' Medicare in the eye. The Big 65 coming in August.
I am the proud father of 3 of the worlds greatest daughters.
Christina, Nicole and Katie.
God was nice enough to let me help Him create them.
I  am blessed to have Betty, a beautiful, caring and understanding woman
in my life.
There aren't enough words to describe my terrific Italian (Eye-Talian) family.
I have three sisters, Donna, Micki and Gina who FEED ME with love.
My brothers-in law,  Bob, Tom and Ernie may as well delete the - In laws part.
I am retired from my career as a Locomotive Engineer. It  spanned 38 years.  I am really enjoying every minute.
I am a proud American Veteran.
I served in the United States Air Force from Jan. 1966 thru May 1969.
I was stationed in Vietnam as a Weapons crewman with the 8th and 13th Bombardment Squadrons from Sept 66 thru Dec. 67

Weapons crew 1967 Phan Rang Airbase Vietnam
Randy Jones, John DeCillo, Earl Moody, Chuck Morris

Same Crew 43 years later 1967 -2010
B-57 Bummers BLMF Dayton Ohio Reunion

Mom and me 1946

Me + the two Babes from next door
Arlene and Darlene...........Chicks dig me They can't help it!

When I had to just get away,
I grabbed my bike, and hit the road

Hey, who's this Calvin kid anyway?

I was born at a very young age and forced to live with my parents in Chicago.
  Life was hard for me then.  I was very small, and not able to reach a lot of  things.
 As I grew, my ability to get into the cupboards blossomed.
My Father would often frown, and comment on how much he disliked the fact that I would make 16 layer Dagwood sandwiches which would sometimes contain Bosco Chocolate syrup.
I believe that was one of the reasons that he put me into a Catholic school run by SS nuns.
 I was force fed Asparagrus for my transgressions.
Did I mention that I was also sentenced to play the Accordion for many years?
Life wasn't all that bad though. We got to eat spaghetti twice a week.
We even went down to White Castle for Sliders on ocassion.
By the time I was ready to graduate grade school, I thought it would be a really great thing to become a priest.
At the latest possible date, I decided that this was not the path I should follow and teenage girls were looking better and better to me all the time.
Once again, my father took charge of the situation and enrolled me in a Catholic High school, run by SS Christian brothers. The
Brothers informed my that I should forget everything taught me by the SS nuns and that they would rule my miserable life for the next 4 years.
My teen years were filled with big hair, leather jackets, and pointy shoes. Chasing girls, not paying much attention in school, and being in a band (accordian?) pretty well set the pace for my future.
I enlisted in the United States Air Force at age 19. They picked out a career choice for me. They said that I was qualified to be an aircraft mechanic and several other worthy occupations.
The recruiter casually asked if I had any fear of guns or loud noises.
When I replied no, I was informed that although I was qualified in several fields, The Air Force really needed weapons technicians.
Six months later I was in Vietnam.
Needless to say, they didn't need anyone to load bombs on the wings of 707's upon my return to "The States".
As usual, dad bailed me out again. He got me hired on at the railroad.
I was older but not really any more mature when I returned.
My time in the service is one of the things in my life that I
can truly say I am proud of.
I suspect though, that the time spent away from the normal maturing process was a contributing factor in some of the turns that my life took in it's mid years.
I am very grateful for the understanding, love and forgiveness of  all the people who have shared their lives with me.
I have three beautiful daughters, who's mothers have borne most of the responsibility of raising them. They have done a terrific job of it.
These days, I am older, a bit wiser and a lot wider.
I retired in 2007.
I plan to spend more time with my family and getting in a lot more days fishing! <*)}}}}}}}}}}>< ~~~~ <*)}}}}}}}}}}>< ~~~~~~~ <*)((((((((><

I started my Career on the GM&O in 1969
Gulf Mobile & Ohio

I've been workin' on the Railroad
All the livelong day.................................

I ain't workin'
That's the way I did it,
I drove the engine on the I.H.B.

I'm done workin'
on the Railroad.

Clickity Clack
down the track
Not too often looking back
Dead of Winter
Heat of June
Early morning
To light of Moon
The smoke, it billows
out the stack,
The engine barely holds the track.
Up hill slow
Down hill fast
until we're
headed home at last.
Blow the whistle
ring the bell
Pull the throttle and go like..
Well... you know!

Dad, ( Center ) "Mike" & Crew , GM&O Early '70's
I was the Engineer that day. That's me in the window.

Some of my Favorite Quotes.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually
   run out of other people's money.
  -  Margaret Thatcher
"If you go home hungry,
it's your own fault"....Dad
"I'm stuuuuuuuuck".....'Tina
"Freedom isn't free"....Anon.
" Ask not what your country can do for you,
ask what you can do for your country"...John F. Kennedy
 The real J.F.
"If you ain't takin' flack,
you ain't over the target".........Anon.
Hey John, How was work?..........Craig.
If you are going through Hell,
Keep going...........W. Churchill
May God have mercy on my enemies,
Because I won't..........................Gen. Geo.S. Patton Jr.
"The vote is in favor of the Impeachment of
President Clinton"
Cling to your God and your guns Americans,
you're going to need them.      JMD

The Last Battle of Vietnam

It never occurred to me, ever before,
That our Navy would win the Vietnam War.
When they took to their boats in this year of elections,
With the mission of making some major corrections
I shared their belief, John should not be elected,
And their view overdue, truth should be resurrected.
Yet I questioned the course they’d set themselves for,
Knowing how John was loved by the media whore.

Ignored and dismissed by the media queens
Being shrewd, savvy sailors they still found the means
To reach out to the people, to open their eyes
To a phony John Kerry and his war story lies.
With their very first ad, they torpedoed his boat,
A Cambodian Christmas would no longer float.
His heroics unraveled, his stories fell flat,
Especially that one ‘bout his magical hat.

John called on his lawyers and media whores,
And threatened the Swiftees with vile legal wars.
But these warriors kept charging back into the fire,
And made the folks wonder, “Is Kerry a Liar?”
Till the question of whether he’s telling the truth
Was still in their minds in the election day booth.
So the brave Swiftees gave us what we’d not had before,
They gave us our victory in the Vietnam War.

Those brave, stalwart sailors, falsely labeled as liars,
Stood firm and stood tall, kept directing their fires,
Steadfast, unrelenting, they served once again,
And defeated John Kerry, these honorable men.
All Vets can take pride, yes all, not just some,
That we won the last battle of Vietnam.
It took far too long to bring an end to our war
But we did, November Second, Two Thousand Four.

To our Brothers, forever, on that long black Wall,
You’ve been vindicated now, one and all.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

Russ Vaughn is the Poet Laureate of The American Thinker

In my humble (?) Opinion!
Yes, I know, I've been wrong before.
If you didn't earn it, you can't claim it,
and you don't have the right to wear it.
Personal responsibility, is the answer
to almost every question.
A strong military is a requirement for maintaining peace.
GOD is the cornerstone in our nation's foundation.
No fish is ever so large that it can't be stretched an inch or two!
Don't just buy a Dodge. Get the "Hemi"
If you, deface the flag of the United States of America,
    you, disrespect your country, yourself,
 and every single person who ever served,
 or lost their life in the defense of your Freedoms.
If you, don't agree with the policy or laws of our government, get out there and do something to change it.
Offer your services, Your vote. Your life!!
Defacing the flag will in no way further your agendas.
Respect those who have come before you, served on your behalf and laid down their lives for your right to lawfully dissent.
 I sincerely urge you to consider this bit of advice the next time you have an idea about defacing the Flag of the United States.
If you don't, sooner or later, some irate, not so politically correct Veteran or Patriot will take you aside and advise you............. fist to face.