A Tribute to Americas heros.

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A Tribute to Americas heros.


They are our heros, our protectors, they walk among us and tread in distant hostile lands.
They make sure that little Achmed sleeps through the night. They make sure that no highrise will ever tumble to the ground in our fair land again.
Suzie prays the Lord to bring her daddy home.
Mother longs for  his warm embrace.
We live free at the behest of these fine Brave American Men and women, fathers, sons, Mothers and sweethearts.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Find an address where you can send a comfort Package, a book, a CD, some dial soap.
At the very least a card expressing how much that you appreciate their sacrifices.
It's a real moral booster to get a card from someone you don't know. A card that expresses gratitude and wishes of safe keeping and support.
Lord in your mercy please show your will.

They gave the fullest measure in defense of our freedoms.


Donated by Worcester Wreath Co.
Harrington Maine School kids project


13th Bomb Squadron Assn
Oldest Active Squadron in the U.S.A.F.



The 305th Bombardment Wing flew
The B-58 Hustler Bombers.
They were Cold War Peace keepers
on Full alert 24/7. These aircraft were to be a deadly response to any Atomic threat from anywhere in the world.

Rest easy,sleep well my brothers.
Know the line has held. Your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well
Others have taken up where you fell.
The line has held.
Peace,peace and farewell.........


From "The shot heard 'round the world" at Concorde to the rubble strewn streets of Baghdad, America's military has "Gone in harms way"to protect our freedoms.
The price for that precious thing called Freedom, that some take for granted, has been paid for by an American Son or Daughter, Father or Mother. One who's name may only be known by members of a grieving family or unit mates.
 The price has been paid by  thousands of disabled veterans who had to spend the rest of their lives confined or in a wheel chair due to injuries recieved in battle.
The price has been paid by all those who returned from conflict and got on with the task of keeping America strong, asking nothing in return.
Please take a moment to reflect on all the good things you have in life today.
The reasons you have them are, because someone you may not have known, gave or risked  his or her life, in a place you may never have heard of, defending your Freedom.
We owe them our undying gratitude.
Michael DeCillo........Dad
730th Operating Railway Battalion
Persian Gulf Command




Outbound B-57 Canberra Bomber Crew
8th Bombardment Squadron Phan Rang Vietnam '67

They serve even for those who don't deserve it.
Please support our troops and veterans.



I saw them every day and night. I see them now.

They were inside those helmets,  behind those crash visors.

They bore Grim Reaper and Soaring eagle patches on their shoulders.

I never knew their names.


They flew bombers, sleek machines, bellies glutted, with seven hundred and fifty pound messages of death for the enemy. 

 Straining wings, loaded with shining cylinders of napalm infernos.

Twin jet engined B-57's


These knights of the air sat calmly in the cockpits as we charged the cannons and armed the bombs. We were the ones who shouldered the responsibility. Their lives depended on our work.  They counted on us.

 I never knew their names.


How crushing were the fears that they faced on every mission?  They were going out to kill, or be killed.

When the wheels went up, they knew this flight could take them directly to God, or into the hands of the enemy.


What did they think of us? 

 Did they take pride in our awe and respect of them?

 Did they draw strength  from our simple chalkboard messages?

 “ God speed”--- “ Kill the Cong”. 

A snappy salute, thumbs up, throttles wide open. 

 Destiny awaited them.  We, were left standing on the ground. 

 I never knew their names.


We sit in the dark waiting their return. ”Spooky” is working over some poor bastards in the nearby hills.

We can see his flares and tracer streams. 


 All ears are strained. We listen for that tell-tale engine whine.

Did they all make it back?

Are there any wounded? 

 No crash trucks tonight.  We breathe a sigh of relief.


Touch down, taxi in, ground lights on.

  Frantic moments,

that  must have seemed like years.


George “ The Weed”, Donnie, Kulpie, and the rest, we all took our turns. Just us, and the light cart. Search lights that pointed out to the enemy exactly where you stood, for miles around.

All the pilots could do was sit there helplessly and wait for us to do our jobs.


They were home from the fight and yet they were still potential targets.

The speed with which we dispatched the disarming, kept us from seeing  their faces or noticing their fear or fatigue.


What were they feeling?

Were they grieving the loss of comrades?

 Were they sharing the thrill of a victory?

 Were they elated at just making it back alive?

 I never got to share those feelings.

I never knew their names.


Those troubled times are long since past,

yet in my memory, they will always remain.

Those brave men

Who fought the fight will forever abide in my minds own “Twilight Zone”.


Some lived, some died, some, may even yet be prisoners.

I felt ten feet tall when I helped send them on their way.

I had no thoughts that some of them might never return.


I know some of their names now.

I’ve seen them,

Etched into a black granite wall.


 Dedicated to:

The Air Crews of the

 8th and 13th Tactical Bombardment Squadrons



John M. DeCillo







B-57 Canberra Units of the Vietnam War. T.E. Bell
I served with these units in 1966-67

I was fortunate that someone in the B-57 community refered Mr. Tom Bell to me as a source of information for this book. I was able to contribute many of the photos used in the book. My experience as a ground weapons crewman proved to be helpful in the area of types of munitions and configurations, loading, fusing,etc. of every type of weapon delivered as well.
Tom Bell put together a very accurate history of the Aircraft and the two storied units and the men that flew and supported them during the Vietnam War.
The 8th Tactical Bombardment squadron
The "Liberty Squadron"
The 13th Tactical Bombardment Squadron
The "Devil's own Grim Reapers"
The weapons crews of both units are known as:
"The B-57 Bummers BLMF"

Every day Unsung Heros.
Police ,Fire and Rescue crews. THANK YOU!!

I would also like to give recognition to all of our hometown heros.
They are Peace Officers and Fire fighters who daily risk their lives for their fellow Americans.
They have lost many of their ranks "In the line of duty" over the years.
Please join me in saluting them as well.

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