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Political insanity
A Tribute to Americas heros.

An unabashed anti Democratic party page.
Here is the agenda.
Elect Obama
Double to triple your taxes
Give your hard earned wages to freeloaders and illegal aliens
so they can appear to be caring.
Open the borders, amnesty for all
Pull the troops out of the Mid-east
Sit back and watch Iran take over all of the Mid East
Appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
Appoint a bunch of tax evaders to cabinet posistions.  Yes, even the treasurer of the United States.
When things start go up in smoke and ash  and maybe even dirty atomic waste, they are going to cry " Who's fault is this.?
How did they ever get bombs blowing up in Hollywood?  
Yep, the Muslims will be dancing in the streets again. This time it might just be OUR streets.
The Muslims radicals are not going to care one bit if your homosexual marriage was sanctioned by the state of  ( pick one ) they are still going to cut off your heads.
One thing is for sure, they won't be able to blame G.W.B.
Keep God in your heart.
Keep your family close.
Keep your weapons clean and your ammo dry.
If it comes to it, stand and fight where you are. There's only one thing you will get by running. That's  TIRED.



Nov. 2010 Americans spoke at the voting booth.
We don't want what the Dems ( liberal socialists ) are trying to jam down our throats.
 The world is in turmoil. Our borders are not secure and Obama is off on apology tours and expensive vacations on the taxpayers Dime.
We are going to repeal your health care fiasco. We are going to stop your lunge toward socialism.
You've seen your party get decimated and yet you elitists think you are smarter than the American public.
Obama, pack your bags. You won't be vacationing on our dime any more.

It is now December 2011. Ask yourself, how many terror attempts have been made on the USA since OBAMA took over????
Why were Black Panther Party members not jailed for voter intimidation?
Why did it take a private party to expose ACORN as a corrupt Obama funded organization???
Ask yourself, why the Commander in Chief Snubbed The Medal of Honor awardees at the Inauguration ceremonies?
Ask yourself, why the Commander in Chief did not salute the latest Medal of Honor recipient at the recent award ceremony at the White house?
Ask yourself, why have we not seen certified documentation of this man's citizenship?
Things need to be made right. This person and his cronies need to be removed from power. Please do everything you can to make it happen.
It is time for true Americans with honor and morals to stand up and walk to the center of the aisle and say NO, no more of this.
The constitution of the United States of America is not a foot wipe for liberal, socialist, elitists. What we earn, we deserve to keep.
If you want to pass out money, take it out of your own pocket you shiesters. If you really mean to help, cut the monster salaries and pensions of government big wigs. Take down the curtain that is strung in front of your supposedly clear and transparent system of government. Stop giving aid and cash to countries that in turn use it against us.


I don't have all of the answers.
I know there are corrupt Republicans too.
We have to do our own research. We have to check records. We have to get close to people that we are giving power to.
How the hell did a shady character like Obama get elected?
Communist and Radical ties.
Anti White and American Religious leaders.
Not even any real proof of citizenship.
I pray for the day that proof  of non eligibility will be brought forward. I would like nothing better than to see Obama and all that covered up for him removed physically from the White House.
Folks, whatever your party affiliations, you have to really look at this. Please consider what has happened to our country since this pretender and his cronies took over.
At the very least, next voting day keep these memories in mind when you cast your vote.

I want to see an official document
which states Barrack Hussein Obama
or Barry whatever his name is was born in the United States. Just produce it. Do a T.V. special. Let America see it.
If they can't or won't, I want to see him and all of his cronies that are covering for him marched out of OUR HOUSE with the bracelets on.

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